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I was reading/listening about Laidback Luke and I didn’t realize how much of a role he’s played in several musical careers.  I also value his opinion on the great EDM debate and the turn to commercial sound and how he has defended djs and their different styles.

I think this is the greatest point he made, when he said he was heading to a more commercial sound, he said that the commercial crowd would let you play a techno track, but the techno crowd wouldn’t let you play a commercial track. 

In a lot of ways, the mainstream crowd allows for more freedom and creativity.

And so the waiting begins.

I just learned one of my best friends is moving.  I’m going to miss her tons.

I think it’s kinda funny when I see posts about “how to make a guy like you” and one of the things it always says is to laugh at his jokes.

It almost makes me paranoid.

And it also makes me sad that people insist on not being yourself.  There are plenty of people out there that are compatible with your normal personality.

And then there’s the fact that people laugh at my jokes.

Because I’m funny.


see that quiet kid in class?

that kid talks about you to thousands of followers on tumblr